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Three Peaks Challenge

Three Peaks Challenge

The three mountains that are tackled in this challenge are the highest peaks within the country they are located:

Ben Nevis is 1345m, the highest peak in Scotland and the UK
Scafell Pike is 978m, the highest peak in England 
Snowdon is 1,085m, the highest peak in Wales

Central Adventures works with numerous organisations, individuals, charities and providers to run National 3 Peaks challenges safely and effectively to allow the highest chance of success for everybody taking part. 

Central Adventures can provide guides on each of the mountains to provide safety, knowledge, experience, decision making, pace setting, leadership, awareness, guiding and much more to increase the chances of success. 

We can facilitate:

Private 3 peak events
Open 3 peak events
Guide only packages available for self-driven events
Full logistical support, driver and same guide for the whole event
24 hour challenge
3 Peaks in 3 days
Martialled events
Large group events 

Guided Mountain & Hill Walking Days

We believe that mountain adventures can be experienced by everyone. Central adventures can accommodate family friendly guided hill walks or extended expeditions in the UK’s most challenging environments.

Guided Walking Days
Rock Climbing

Indoor & Outdoor Rock Climbing

Central Adventures can provide the highest quality of equipment and instruction services for indoor and outdoor rock climbing. Our team can cater to all rock climbing abilities and can offer the following services
• Tasters
• 1 to 1
• Intro to climbing
• Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced development
• Lead climbing courses
• Rope work

Mountain Biking

We like adventures that induce adrenaline. We can organise, instruct and experience a downhill rush along with you at any recognised trail centre in the UK. For an even greater thrill we can take you off the beaten track to wild and remote areas for mountain biking and cross country cycling.

Mountain Biking
Mountain and Hill Skills

Mountain and Hill Skills

Central Adventures can help you gain the skills required to navigate any mountain environment in the UK. We offer formal training, instruction and teaching for everyone wishing to learn how to operate safely and effectively when embarking on any mountain adventure.

Guided Expeditions

We want you to make the most of your adventure. Central adventures can assist you at every stage of your adventure: from planning, preparation and logistics, to decision making and motivational instruction throughout.

Guided Expeditions
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